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Huus Hotel Gstaad / © designhotels.com
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Huus Hotel to open in Gstaad, Switzerland

Opening in December 2016, Huus Hotel is set to invigorate Gstaad’s hospitality landscape with its unique concept of intimate mountain hideaway underlined by a firm familial flair. Set 1,111 meters above sea level in the Bernese Oberland, the spectacular surroundings of the 131-room Design Hotels™ member permeate every aspect of the hotel. From the warm, welcoming interiors elegantly outfitted in traditional materials, to the team of knowledgeable local guides, Huus Hotel will give the impression of staying with a close friend, albeit one with impeccable taste in mountainside abodes.

The name of Huus Hotel is derived from the Swiss-German word for ‘home’ and it is this principle that defines the aesthetics of the hotel. Award-winning Swedish studio Stylt Trampoli is responsible for the interiors which will marry the themes of “taste, comfort, and adventure,” resulting in cozy, inclusive spaces. The use of rich, organic tones and natural, locally sourced materials ensures a harmonious relationship with nature, and blurs the boundaries between inside and out. “At the heart of Huus Hotel is our sentiment “come up, slow down””, says Günter Weilguni, CEO of Huus Hotel. “Guests will find themselves back to serenity, back to an active immersion in nature, and firmly rooted in the unparalleled spectacle of the alpine mountain region.”

Striking the delicate balance between creating a restful retreat for moments of splendid solitude and acting as a community hub for likeminded adventurers and adrenaline junkies, Huus Hotel Gstaad will be the very definition of a house for all seasons. Throw in fine restaurants, a stunning spa, a fully-fledged family area, adventure lounge, and a world of expertly guided outdoor activities—with 250km of slopes and trails for powder-pilgrims in winter and biking, hiking, and rafting from spring through fall—and Huus Hotel looks set to gain a plethora of new houseguests.

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